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Worship Beauty and Know God

Sebastian Elavathingal

Via Pulchritudinis, “the way of beauty” is a favourite theme of Pope Benedict XVI. He speaks and writes on beauty and its significance in Christian spirituality with great conviction and enthusiasm. According to him, beauty can lead us to prayer and contemplation and it is our way to God.


Jesus the Inter-rogator

Jay Longacre

Jesus is the Inter-rogator – One who asks questions.  He asked 307 questions outside parables.  Jesus is like:


Celebrate the Human Diversity!

Varghese Panthalookaran

Once upon a time a city-dweller stopped by a village shepherd who was keeping his sheep..... 


JESUS’ QUESTIONS: Challenging Me to Discover Life’s Great Answers

Jay Longacre

In the realm of spirit and soul, I can be more certain of the questions than of answers.  Rather than answers, there are answering persons.  Rather than quickly respond to my ego’s need for closure and satisfaction...


An Eschatology for Contemporary Times

Mathew Chandrankunnel

Eschatology is a theological science that deals with the end of a human person as an individual and with the possible end of the society as a whole from a religious point of view. The end of the society as a whole is discussed of Apocalyptic Eschatology in terms of the cataclysmic end of the cosmos, that is to say, in terms of the collision and collapse of planets and stars accompanied by the curious inter-play of thunder, darkness and lightning.


Mother Theresa: a model for enlivening ‘suicide'

Saju Chackalackal

Venerable Mother Theresa, the icon of Christian commitment and service that the secular world has ever accepted, recognised and acclaimed, had consciously let herself die.  Is this a suicide of its own kind?

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