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Asvattha: Contributors' Guidelines
  • An Article should be: a) On subjects within the brief of the e-journal Asvattha (i.e. on any theme fitting into any one of the areas of Culture or Philosophy or Theology); b) A minimum 15 pages, single space, font 12;  c) Language: English or German.

  • There is also a Panorama section to the e-journal Asvattha. A short description of any theme of your choice which may foster the development of the human culture/spirituality and which may have a popular appeal can be published in the Panorama section of the journal. Languages: English or German, or Malayalam. For the terms and conditions of the Malayalam Panorama section of the journal please refer

  • The authorís photo may be published along with the article if a passport size photo is sent as an attachment to the article.

  • Each article has to be sent exclusively as an e-mail to  with the title of the article and the author's name. Please include all your contact details: postal address, home address, phone number, and e-mail address. You can also mention your qualifications, affiliations (but this is optional).  An abstract of 100-300 words of your article will be helpful (but this is also optional).

  • Each article must be in Microsoft Word format, with endnotes and pictures relevant to the articles (optional) etc.

  • Already published articles in other journals may be sent provided the author owns the copyright.

  • The accepted article will be published on the date (day, month and year) decided by the Editor.

  • There will be a reply about the reception of the article by a reply email, but there will not be any reply about the publication of the article. The status of an article can be verified by surfing A rejected article will be e-mailed back to the author on the date decided by the Editor in the same e-mail through which the article has been received.

  • The views expressed by the authors may not necessarily be those of the Editor/Publisher of e-journal Asvattha.

  • As the e-journal Asvattha is non-profit-making and the access to the e-journal is free of charge, the e-journal Asvattha is not in a position to pay remuneration to the author of the article. And so authors retain copyright of their article.

  • If for some exceptional cases remuneration is made for any article, the copyright of that particular article will be with the author, but the publisher/editor of EJournal Asvattha has the right to publish the article again by any medium.

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